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Lawn Mowing and Garden Service Mandurah. Pensioner Discount Available!

Lawn Mowing Service Mandurah Area

Our services begin with the heartbeat of the yard, the lawn/grass area.  We have top grade rotary tools and equipment to give golf course standard precision cuts.  Additionally, we are able to give advice on lawn care and maintenance no matter what season it is.


Contact us the next time you would like to have your lawn mowed as no job is too big or small.  Even once off jobs such as a grass trim for a rental vacate cut and tidy.


We had a small 20m2 job the other day where the owner of a property had just laid down turf and was unsure of when to mow the grass.  Garden Helper was able to advise on the cut, what height setting to have the mower, and when to fertilise next. This ensured a healthy start to the life of the lawn.

Later the same day, our team completed a full lawn mow on a 1-acre property for another client.  We love getting around the community and assisting where we can!

Commercial Lawn Mowing Services Mandurah

We offer lawn mowing and general facility cleans to clients in the Mandurah and Peel area. Whether it be out the front of retail space, in the industrial and business parks and anything in between.  


Get in contact with us to find out how we can assist.

Garden Clean Up Service Mandurah Area

Do you have a rental property, holiday home or has your backyard not received the attention it deserves and is in the need of a clean-up? We offer a complete backyard clean up service that includes:

  • Garden Bed Clean-up
  • Weeding Services
  • Small to Medium Tree Removal
  • Other Garden and Backyard Clean-Ups

A large percentage of our regular clients are not physically able to get out in the backyard anymore and complete the “heavy lifting” tasks of backyard cleanups.  We love these jobs the most, as we get the most satisfaction of seeing the reaction for our satisfied clients – finally they can enjoy their backyard areas again!

Landscape Planning Service Mandurah Area

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin.  No worries! Our team can help you design and plan out a backyard that fits your lifestyle.  

It’s worth having a chat with someone who has the knowledge, as you don’t want to establish a garden bed somewhere that doesn’t receive winter sun.  Also, you don’t want to establish a healthy green lawn in the winter, only to have it die off in the summer because of an inappropriate water schedule.

Perhaps you would like to start growing your own food in your backyard?  This is an amazing way you can get organic food for a lot cheaper! Get informed of the best soils, compost and plant mix to get you started.

Our team will advise on everything you need to know for you to have an envious garden/backyard that you will love spending time in.

Gutter Cleaning

This is a job that easily gets forgotten, and it’s easy to see why.  It’s a dirty job!However, having gutters that are full of leaves is not only bad for the lifespan of your gutters, but it could also be a fire hazard in summer if embers happen to find their way in.  Plus, it looks shocking when a house has plant life growing out of the gutters!

Another layer of difficulty is the access it takes to get onto the roof, some elderly people just don’t want to take the risk of getting on the roof anymore.  

We have the tools and know-how to get the job done.  We will completely remove all leaves and debris clogging the gutters and dispose of the contents.  While we are up there, we will do a full flush out an inspection to ensure the roof plumbing integrity – for your peace of mind.