About Us

Garden Helper

Offering Mowing Services to the Mandurah Area is our passion.  Seeing the expression on the face of our clients when they see their freshly mown lawn is awesome!

We appreciate and recognise that our clients have busy lives, and cannot take the time out to maintain their backyard, and that’s where Garden Helper comes in.  We have the tools and know-how to transform your backyard into a place of pride that increases the overall value of your home.

Back in the 1990’s, we spent a lot of time watching Burke’s Backyard and Homes and Gardens getting inspired by all you can do in the backyard.  It set us off on a path of discovering the best ways of maximising the potential of the space and growing complementary Flora that attracts the best Fauna.

We are a team of local people, who have a vested interest in improving the standard of gardens in the area.  Beautiful gardens, backyards and front yards have the ability of improving the whole street and neighbourhood.  Assisting our clients in maintaining their yards is our mission, and having a beautiful region to live in is our goal.

A healthy lawn is the heartbeat of a backyard, and we think that the backyard is the best place to spend time at home!  We offer so much more than mowing too, so be sure to check out our Services page.